HK Matrimony


Let's show you some of the steps to understand HK Matrimony flow.

1. How to get registered?

  • To get register with HK matrimony you have to follow some simple steps:
  • Click proposal register Proposal Register
  • Make your profile on the website by providing information required in the registration form.
  • After uploading all the information on the site, you will get a verification email from HK Matrimony. If you do not get the email in your Inbox check your Spam folder.
  • Verify the link provided in the email so you will be assigned HK ID through which you can contact with proposals.

2. Paid and Unpaid Membership

  • Paid members have access to all our proposals and their details, they can also contact them directly.
  • Unpaid members can upload their profile for free at HK Matrimony but cannot have access to all the details of proposals at the site and also cannot contact them directly.
  • If proposal of unpaid member finalizes through HK Matrimony then they have to pay after fee like other paid members.

3. for paid membership

  • Deposit registration fee PKR 10,000 in the bank account of HK Matrimony via easy paisa or western union.
  • After fee deposition you have to send your credentials and assigned HK ID along with deposit slip or tracking ID on our WhatsApp account.
  • Your account will be activated which enables you to view details of profiles, select the profiles you want to contact. You can contact them directly too by clicking send interest option on the profile, and if you will not get their interest you can also send that HK ID on WhatsApp and HK Matrimony will share your profile with them, and the response will be shared with you in some time.
  • Registeration is valid for one year.
  • After the successful finalization of proposal you have to deposit After fee : 30,000 PKR (For Pakistan) & After fee : 50,000 PKR (For Abroad) in the bank account through using the same means.

4. Updates

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